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Our 18k gold-plated stainless steel jewelry require very minimal care. Follow the four steps below when cleaning your chains:


  • Mix warm water and soap into a bowl.

  • Dip a lint-free cloth into the bowl and gently wipe your jewelry.

  • Wipe the remaining soap off with a clean damp cloth.

  • Let your jewelry sit and air dry.


How to clean your brass charms:


  • Squeeze half of a lemon into a bowl.

  • Add 1 tsp of baking soda into the bowl.

  • Stir until a paste forms.

  • Use a soft cloth to apply the paste onto your charm.

  • Rinse the charm off with clean water.

  • Dry with a clean cloth.

*Please note that our brass charms are not stainless steel and are better to keep away from water.

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